Dee Jenkins

I am interested in an everyday kind of reality. For example, I have a dog and he does not always behave. I have a sweet tooth and I find it hard to resist desserts. I love music and I love to dance. (It was actually through a response to musical form—particularly that of Jazz and Latin—that I began to understand pictorial form.)

At times I have created a representational response to the events and circumstances in my life; at other times the results have been non-representational. Regardless of the form of expression selected, certain shapes, spaces, marks and colors continually appear. The physical reality of the paint, and a concern with boundaries and edges are also evident in both kinds of imagery.

Understanding and negotiating space for inventive movement and meaningful communication is a challenging, yet rewarding, struggle. This holds true regardless of where I am or what I am doing: attempting to establish a personal space on a crowded dance floor, working within (or without) the guidelines of a diet, walking my dog, or discovering the “right” dimensions for a drawing or painting.